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A weekend retreat with Burt Harding
23-25th March 2018, Krishnamurti Educational Center of Canada

Burt Harding, founder of the Awareness Foundation in Vancouver, offers a radical invitation to recognize the truth of our being as already whole and fulfilled. He reminds us of the love we really are beyond the personal stories we carry. In this way, we come to recognize what we have always known in our hearts - the beauty and wonder of our own true essence.

For over thirty five years, Burt Harding has brought numbers of people to intimacy with pure awareness. Burt is the author of 6 books, the latest is "The Four Unknown Groundbreaking facts of Reality."

Since Burt rarely travels outside his community in Vancouver (due to eyesight impairment) this workshop is an opportunity to experience his teaching firsthand in beautiful Victoria. The theme of this workshop will be based on a quote by J. Krishnamurti on "The Silent Mind", which will be distributed to participants together with a booklet by Burt.

The weekend will be structured as follows:

This will be a weekend of warmth, listening to silence and joining together in joy. Short talks will alternate with experiential exercises designed to progressively ground you in the love of your own being.

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Looking within for what is truly real, one ultimately finds oneself looking from the place of the Real. And in the light of this Real, the unreal vanishes.- Mooji


Burt writes articles on the subject of self discovery, of ascending the ego and recognising its forms, of love.

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Talk to Burt

If there is something on your mind, you can talk to Burt. E-mails are free and a response is guaranteed. If you prefer, Burt offers Skype sessions in return for donations of $CAN 80-150. (Clients are asked to respect that this is his main source of income.)

Some examples of the e-mails he receives, and his responses, are provided below.