Guilt -- greatest spiritual block

Is unconscious guilt a result of ignorance of our true nature or some indiscretion in this or past life?

Let’s understand by asking, "What do we mean by guilt?" Guilt is the feeling that we have, somehow, done something wrong and/or the feeling we are bad. This feeling can be either due to something we've done or from believing you are just a body that is separate from others. Guilt can also escalate into deep loneliness or emptiness.

Most people carry a burden of guilt. If it is deep seated enough, it can be like an insidious virus that infiltrates every aspect of your life, so that all your responses to life and others are filtered through the guilt feelings.

When we are difficult or heavy handed and reactive, these are signs of guilt. If the guilt is just a nagging ache then it could translate into sadness.

In my work as hypnotherapist people have been helped by seeing the cause of it through traditional religious belief in sin and punishment.

For instance, a young woman, who suffered deep sadness from no apparent reason, came to see me. Her parents were warm and loving and her childhood had been normal. During a regression into a past life she was burned alive for being a witch, which meant she was psychic. Before burning her people hurled insults for her evil ways that she would burn in hell. When she discovered the fact that she wasn't bad at all, after all, what she wanted was to help people. This realization healed her guilt permanently.

After a few years of conducting hypnotherapy I became acutely aware of the heavy burden of guilt that most people carry.

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