How do I align conscious with subconscious mind?

In your video-cam "Trinity -- The Unknown key to peace and freedom" you mention the conflict created between the conscious and subconscious mind. How do we align both so that there is no conflict?

The process is very simple once we understand how each part of the Trinity 'works' and then align them as one.

The conscious mind is our daily limited mind filled with desires and needs. It only uses between 5-10% consciousness. Most people live from birth to death strictly from he conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is dormant consciousness and has the greatest power in our life. It is hardly ever used to advantage and yet it is a staggering force of memory and creativity. There is nothing we can't accomplish through the subconscious mind. In fact, it is the subconscious mind that has created our world and maintains our body functioning.

The Superconsciousness is not mind but this timeless NOW itself. It is our true nature and therefore has all the 'qualities' that fulfil the heart such as joy, peace, love, happiness and warmth. It is our spiritual nature and it is the Oneness itself. It is the Superconsciousness that creates the right time and place for us to function at our best and provides us with what is needed when needed. This function 'happens' when all three (conscious, subconscious and Superconscious) are aligned as ONE.

Now the question arises, "How do we align all three as one?"

The answer is simple. All three work together to form a complete whole. The conscious mind, being limited, is filled with hopes, fears, desires and needs. The conscious mind believes that it can achieve what it wants through effort and struggle whereas the opposite is true.

Therefore, when there's a need for peace or love or happiness it is often frustrated because the effort to receive same tells the subconscious, "Needing love, peace and happiness means I don't have them..." and so creates frustration, confusion and anxiety. The truth is this -- happiness, peace and love are natural attributes of Superconsciousness.

Superconsciousness is the NOW itself beyond time. Therefore, instead of NEEDING the qualities we yearn for, just ALLOW them to express themselves naturally. The moment you allow what you need to manifest on its own, the conscious and subconscious become aligned and the Superconscious provides the time and place, situations and circumstances for that to happen.

For example, let's say you live in an environment where there is too much 'activity' for peace to be experienced. Instead of needing peace, which will end up in frustration anyway due to conflict with the subconscious mind, you ALLOW PEACE to manifest by seeing that the Superconsciousness is peace itself. You create an environment inside you of a flowing river, warm sun, trees and quiet and see how that very imaginative scene will activate the power of the Superconscious. You take a deep breath and visualize what you need as already attained through ALLOWING. There is an immediate alignment with the subconscious mind where even the 'activity' becomes less stressful.

This ALLOWING applies to anything you need because the greatest needs are ever-present in this NOW such as love, peace, joy and happiness. They await your ALLOWING! The moment you literally ALLOW rather than need then a whole new dynamic comes into being and the Superconsciousness creates the time and place in which this happens more often.

Here's another example, suppose you want a compatible relationship that will last and bring you love and fulfilment. First you see how NEEDING brought nothing but frustration, making many mistakes and even creating the wrong person to appear. However, you start ALLOWING the right person to appear by being patient and see what you truly want. You visualize the kind of person that you want and then see how it is already being created in your subconscious mind. If this visualization is crystal clear about what you want then the Superconsciousness will create (without your doing anything deliberate) the right place and the right time to meet the person you want. The length of time it takes for its manifestation will depend upon one law -- ALLOWING and not controlling!

So, in brief, the conscious NEEDS create subconscious conflict. When you see clearly that the ego cannot control or do anything successfully then your very ALLOWING will align your energy to manifest what you want with ease and comfort. Thus all three (conscious, subconscious and Superconsciousness are One).

Watch the video below for a more specific guideline...

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