Take a jump!

People often ask me:

What do you mean that the body, world, thoughts and emotions are not real?

The real is like the projector of the cinema on the screen. The screen shows the stories and images of life. These stories and images come out of the projector. The projector is the cause.

The screen is the effect. Therefore, the projector is the Cause of everything that is seen on the screen. Similarly, consciousness projects the body, world, thoughts and emotions. When the body, world, thoughts and emotions are described as an illusion it simply means they are an effect of a greater Cause.

The Cause is real and unchangeable while the effects of it are relative and changeable. We experience them but they are not as we interpret them. The body that we have now has been recycled a few times in this lifetime.

The world is the interpretation of our senses and the thoughts and emotions are conditioned responses to time. Therefore, beyond our stories of who we think we are and what we have done lies the truth of our Being.

The Being is the Cause and our body is the effect. What is real does not change and is therefore our true essence. Once we discover what is real and unchanging then we have found peace, love, joy, harmony, truth, beauty, glory and that which is eternal and timeless.

It is this awakening to the changeless Truth that makes us see clearly the illusion of the body, world, thoughts and emotions. This awakening happens through seeing what is abiding in us beyond time and change. We start by LISTENING to our deeper silence and thus find what is unchanging in us. It is through this that we find meaning and fulfillment.

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