Understanding subject and object

I received the following question over e-mail:

Can you please clarify the dynamics of subject and object and how they are one?

Thank you for that question because it is through the understanding of subject/object and their oneness that we awaken to what truly IS!

The best and simplest way to grasp their significance is to look at yourself in the mirror. When you look in the mirror all you see is an object. You see your body, you also 'see' the self-image that you created in your mind without realizing it and you embody all the objects of mind such as thoughts, beliefs, opinions, conclusions, past conditioning and the whole personality structure including your name.

This is all objective because it is based on an image of mind. It is the mind that creates these images and becomes 'solid' to us. In other words, we make them REAL (but are they?)

Then we look deeper and ask, "What made these things possible? What makes it possible for me to look at myself and say 'this is me?' "Who is this me?"

Through these questions we hit upon the subjective. Now this is where we falter, shake and quibble because the subjective is NOT an image. The subjective cannot be described and cannot be defined. If we did define the subjective then it becomes objective. Do you see the point?

Therefore the subjective has to be given a name here for the sake of grasping, somewhat, this extremely intricate subject. So we call it 'pure awareness.' Pure awareness means that the fact that you are aware of being aware is the subjective factor. This awareness is what makes you know that you exist. And the fact that you know you think is the awareness of the thought.

Yet this awareness is NOT a thought, not a concept and definitely not an image. It is all comprehensive, whole, without a border or limit. It defies explanation and has no beginning or end, and yet, we know it is real (and the only real thing) because it is through it that we exist as human beings.

The moment you realize that your true nature is awareness and there is no 'me' but only seems so because of awareness, then we hit a bombshell that might shake our foundation of the 'me' (ego) belief. If this shakes you up enough to see the incredible wonder and mystery of this vast intelligence known as pure awareness, then we have reached a realization of who we truly are.

It is this realization that we are pure awareness and not separate individuals that liberates us and awakens a peace and love that is beyond description. You are NOT who you thought you were. You are this eternal awareness that was never born and shall never die.

It is here, in living this truth that we see their Oneness -- subject and object are one. The human object appears real because of the subject Being. Now human Being integrate and reach balance, harmony and clarity known as spiritual awakening.

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