What does "going through the human" mean?

I have been following your video clips and your booklets on your website. Could you please clarify what you mean when you say - "You have to go through the human before the Being awakens." Could you make it simpler for me to understand?

Thank you for your question. 'Going through the human-part of us is immensely important for spiritual awakening.' In simpler terms let's say the following...

You are a human being. The human and the Being are dualistic, that is, they are opposites. The human-part is what we become familiar with since it is comprised of survival instincts and adaptation. The human is a 'becoming-process' whereas the Being 'just IS! In our unawareness of the Being-part of us (which is love, happiness, meaning, peace, joy etc)we start feeling as if something is missing. It is often that we feel empty inside and believe that something is wrong or we are not good-enough.

These feelings are the direct signal that we are really missing the Being but do not know it. Thus we start believing there is something wrong with us and start seeking for answers 'out there' in the world. This seeking creates a paradox because we can never find the Being we are seeking. It is already who we are. However, it is like a veil placed in front of our eyes, we are spiritually blind. We do not see the Being simply because it is the Being that sees in the first place but we are NOT aware of this simplicity.

The reason we do not see what is obvious is because we are trying to see the eyes that do the seeing. It is like kissing your own lips. So our search leads to frustration, loneliness, even depression, deep inner emptiness and often desperation.

Yet our seeking of our true nature, which we believe is a lack we are having, is really seeking ourselves; our very Being. So our first step, to repeat, is go through the human (which we are familiar with) and see how what we want most is already within us in the BEING itself. In fact, we are a Being playing the human role. How do we go through the human? Do the following steps:

1. The human is always seeking but it never truly finds what it wants because it is seeking itself believing it is somewhere outside. So your first step is to quiet the mind and start looking at this obvious dilemma. Sit still and take a deep breath. Relax with the exhalation of the slow breath. Start listening to all the sounds around you with eyes closed. Be detached in the listening so that you are not judging what you hear. After a few minutes ask yourself, "Are the sounds coming from outside me?" pause and listen to the obvious.

Then ask again, "Are they coming from inside me?" pause and listen to the obvious. Ask once more, "Or are they both inside and outside at the same time?" and as you explore how everything is both inside and outside, you'll begin to see that there is no outside nor inside but just consciousness.

2. Next recall the last 'suffering' experience you had such as emotional hurt, crashed self-image, depression, anger, negative reaction or even a panic attack. Allow yourself to listen to that sensation as you listened to the sounds. Do not get into the story of it... just the physical sensations alone.

3. Finally, relax into the sensations in the body until they become neutralized. Relax into them by slow relaxed breathing into the feeling. Then say to the feeling in your body, "Forgive me for rejecting you. I love you." and if you follow this with sincere feeling you have taken a giant leap to healing and eventual awakening of your beautiful Being, which is always NOW!

Remember, that in Reality there is only NOW. NOW is always fresh, alive, pure and new. If you discover this, you have discovered the Being you have sought all your life.

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