What is Supersentience?

You do sessions one-on-one following methods of hypnotherapy and yet you use the term 'Supersentience' as your practice. What is Supersentience?

The term ‘Supersentience’ came to me during an illness while asking for guidance. The term ‘Supersentience’ didn’t make sense to me at the time but it kept repeating over and over and it wouldn't stop until I gave way to it by writing it down.

Supersentience means that our true sentient nature is truly more than just thought, emotion and sensation. It is pure feeling. Pure feeling is not an emotion but a knowing that we have taken for granted and buried through tons of conditioned thought and past experiences. Yet, this pure feeling is obvious when we stop thinking and emoting. For instance, "How do you know you exist?" and the reply usually is, "Of course I know I exist!!" and yet we never ask, "Who is it that knows this?" This knowing is NOT a thought, a belief or an emotion and neither is it a memory. It is our obvious knowing of our existence. This "knowing" is super-sentience that we have taken for granted. If we recognize this KNOWING we awaken to our true Source which is NOW!

Ask any intelligent person if there's anything other than "NOW" and they’ll have to say, "No, there is only now." Yet, what if we allowed ourselves to recognize this fact. Isn't that awakening? Yet, we have attached ourselves so much and for so long with thought, belief, experiences and past conditioning that we cannot see the obvious truth of our sentient being.

All fears and problems happen because of this ignorance of our true nature. This unawareness of who we are brings fear of death and its thousands of little fears that accompany it known as insecurity, inadequacy, lack of safety and uncertainty of who we are. This, in turn, causes us to seek goals, ambitions and success to give our life meaning while missing the truth of our very existence. The problem is the attachment that had followed our survival instinct. Attachment to what we own such as name, body, past and conditions. Yet, these are natural and normal, but can't be fully enjoyed unless and until we know the truth of our being.

Supersentience awakens our natural knowing that we had suppressed and buried and start recognizing it naturally. Then, through this recognition we awaken, and truly start enjoying everything without restraint and fear or guilt.

Supersentience follows three modes of teaching and experience.

1. First knowing what you have been telling yourself subconsciously throughout the years. This can be uncovered simply by knowing your soul-type. The soul-type is NOT who you are but "who you think you are." Once you acknowledge this self-created thought and belief system, then we can start cleaning-it-out of the system through mild hypnosis and forgiveness.

2. Through body-awareness we start facing our sensations, however painful, as just sensations and not the truth of what and who we are. This is done through patience, honesty and direct seeing.

3. We explore, and through grace, eventually awaken to the truth of our Being as Pure Feeling, Pure Awareness and therefore as eternal "I" that had never been born and shall never know "death." It is this simple direct experience that will bring such joy and meaning in one's life that no definition or description can suffice.

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