What is the difference between Awareness & Consciousness?

I keep hearing about Awareness and then the word Consciousness in the same context, can you explain the difference?

They are similar but not the same. While Consciousness is everything we perceive, and in fact, is perception itself, awareness is the watcher or witnesser of what we think and perceive. Consciousness has to do with thought and its creation. Consciousness is all mind and the world or worlds we experience as if they are real.

Consciousness is always changing, shifting, creating and destroying, whereas Awareness is stable, constant, eternal and never-changing. When you think, you can be aware that you are thinking. In other words, awareness can be aware of consciousness but it can't be the other way around. Although most people confuse the two, they are like thought and awareness. They need each other but are definitely not the same.

In the deeper truth we can say that Awareness is the One Being or Christ Self and it, when recognized, will bring transformation. Awareness was never created because it has no beginning or end. Awareness is timeless and when awakened (known or recognized) it is experienced as love, joy, glory and a multitude of other equally inexplicable heavenly feelings. It is our Home. On the other hand, consciousness is the power of mind and creates through thought and emotion. How we live and feel in the world is an exact replica of our consciousness.

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