Why does the ego create the fear of being no more?

At the end of this video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ByXOJs4Uvfw) you say "can you imagine never have been or never going to be"? I've never experienced either of those. However, the "idea" of never going to be creates great fear in many people. If it's never been "experienced", how does the "idea" or "thought" "of never going to be", or "cease being" come from? I know you will say "the ego", all fear comes form the ego, but why does the ego create that thought? the ego creates fear to protect itself but how does this scary thought of ceasing to be protect the self in any way? it seems like it is only damaging.

Our true nature is eternal, which in terms of bodily existence appears as the need to make everything permanent. We try to make every relationship last and even try to prolong physical life as long as we can? The reason is quite imbedded deep in our being because there is the 'inner knowing' that we last.

However, because we believe we are just a body (and many people believe that) then the fear of death enters our consciousness and creates the horrid belief of 'being no more' which we can't even imagine. Just like I said in the video, "You can't imagine being no more." Only the fear of it exists because of our unawareness of the true nature. In fact, all fear emerges from ignorance of our true nature.

The fear of being no more is ego's protection by creating a need in us to survive physically at all costs. Then you asked,

but how does this scary thought of ceasing to be protect the self in any way? it seems like it is only damaging.

Another aspect of the ego is its contradictions. Please do not ever try to make sense of the ego, not only it doesn't work but creates further frustration, confusion and even greater fear. This confusion is ego's domain. How can one make sense of war, hatred, revenge, killing innocent children or genocide and so on. This is the insanity of the ego. Now the question is, what is ego? It is simply the belief in separation while in truth every is one interdependent, interconnected and interrelated whole. Just as separation is fear so is Oneness unconditional love. And that's what all spirituality is about -- LOVE!

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