Do all the stresses, anxieties and fears emerge from unconscious guilt?

I received the following question over e-mail:

Do all the stresses, anxieties and fears emerge from unconscious guilt?

All known human emotional suffering emerges from unconscious guilt. Please refer to my other blog also under the heading "The Ways we seek."

Unconscious guilt is the belief in wrong. It is the strongest and most destructive belief in the human being. Some religions call it 'original sin' or the 'fall of man.' The most important thing to know about it is this -- it is a belief and NOT Reality.

This belief is primordial, it stems from the identification with the body as who we are and thus the feeling of separation. This feeling of separation is also the feeling that we are separate from Oneness. Oneness is the one Truth and in glimpsing our natural state of Oneness we get transformed. Transformation means that we 'drop' the guilt and awaken love and peace.

This 'unconscious guilt' is also known as ego. It is this belief that has brought greed, fear, hatred and the need for revenge. All wars are the result of this greed for power and control propelled by guilt.

You are a human Being. The Being is innocent, open, loving, peaceful and ever at peace with itself. The Being intuitively knows of its natural Oneness with all Life. When we forget about Being by emphasizing the human then we start feeling a lack as if we are missing something.

This belief in lack brings the feeling as if we are not-good-enough as we are and so long to improve and become better. However, things never become better because the nagging feeling of lack remains constant until awakening happens.

Awakening does not happen from reading about spirituality such subjects as kundalini, chakras, reincarnation, karma and so forth. Spirituality means Spirit. In fact, in spiritual awakening there is nothing to know but 'to be.' It is all about Being the Truth we already are. Being is allowing, trusting, open and sees what is obvious. This 'seeing' also awakens innocence.

The question arises, "What is the fastest way towards this awakening?"

It is through quantum forgiveness. Forgiveness is fore-giveness (giving forth). It is NOT a 'doing' but a 'seeing' into the obvious. The paradox is this: true forgiveness is seeing that there's nothing to forgive for the truth is Oneness and no one is really guilty.

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