How did the self-enquiry happen to you, Burt?

Someone e-mailed me:

I have the astral experience regularly - or rather, what people label astral but it's not a spiritual or egoless experience because I am still there just the same. I am able to see my astral body which looks like the stereotypical ghost. I've noticed a lot of people have reported this happening to them; the simplest description is the body falls asleep but the mind is still awake. Is this a symptom of self enquiry? Did it ever happen to you, Burt, when you were self enquiring?

Self-enquiry was a slow process with me. Initially I would inquire but nothing would happen or so I thought. I persisted with the question "Who am I?" for a long time. My persistence emerged from the knowing that I AM more than the body.

My insistence to experience something often resulted in my falling asleep in the midst of this 'feeling it' experience. Even though nothing happened for a few years I didn't give it up but changed it with the question, "What am I?"

It wasn't until the year 2000 (many years later) that I woke up to the realization that there was no answer to the question "Who am I?" for, after all, who is going to answer it? Where would an answer come from? It occurred to me, after all that time, that it was the very Silence and non-local being that was the answer. Who I was, was timeless.

A moment of crystal-clarity occurred where I saw myself as a human being - a Being playing the role of Burt. It was so clear, so empathic and unmistakable that I wondered how I could have missed something so obvious. I didn't learn anything but at the same time "I knew" everything there was to know about the human and the Being and the interplay of duality in life's journey.

It was SEEING the whole play where everything that happened had never happened except in mind and time was not linear but holographic. I understood clearly Einstein's statement, "All that occurs happens simultaneously" and there is no time and space as we come to know it. It is all seeing clearly that it is all NOW.

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