How do you know?

I listen to your talks and they are simple and effective; what makes you know what you know?

If we were to listen to our own spiritual heart we would also know beyond any doubt. We, as humans, are trained to think about things; to figure things out, to make sense of what we see and experience and to reach logical conclusions based on what we know intellectually. We do not realize two things initially...

a. We can never be fully convinced through the conditioned mind.

b. By using the mind to figure things out we block our natural gift of knowing.

We are conditioned by our five senses and miss the most important sense of all called the sixth sense -- the sense of spiritual intuition. We know more than we realize but do not listen to what we already know intuitively and so we block it from recognizing its obviousness. For example, "how do you know that you exist?" -- It is not a thought nor an emotion, nor a belief or memory. It is a knowing beyond doubt. Ask yourself how you know this? Isn't it your own intuitive knowing because you are an aware being?

Your very awareness that is now reading these words KNOWS beyond any doubt about your true nature. Let's take another example -- people ask, "How do you know God exists?" and never LOOK at the word 'God' but merely respond to their conditioned beliefs about it and then resolve to continue believing in it or not based on logical conclusions (which are viewpoints of conditioning).

When someone asks me, "Do you believe in God?" I answer by raising the question, "Do you believe in awareness?" Since everyone knows awareness is a fact then I say, "God is the Presence of Awareness." In other words, since awareness is universal it is oneness. In that oneness is LOVE. Therefore God is Love.

There is nothing you cannot know unless you are not willing to apply yourself. Most people are so conditioned by the world to the extent that they have lost the ability to LISTEN within.

Spiritual intuition is your higher sense known as the sixth sense. When you know intuitively it is certain without any doubt and nothing could make you budge from it. Intuition is not a belief nor an experience but a knowing beyond any doubt. In fact, if you doubt your intuition then it is NOT intuition. When you met your present spouse didn't you just know he/she was the one for you?

Here are the points about Spiritual Intuition.


Train yourself in the following steps and you will awaken spiritual intuition.

1. We have three kinds of feelings -- emotional feelings based on personal attachment. These feelings have to do with your egoic idea of self. The words that hurt and offend you are the words that enslave you from direct knowing. Then we have intellectual feelings based on literal translation and viewpoint of life. In other words, we take words literally without direct experience of their meaning like the word 'God' in conventional religion. Finally, we have true feeling which is awareness itself. This is a feeling-knowing without judgement, comparison, analysis or belief. It is clear-seeing as something actually IS!

2. Start by treating all emotional reactions as the first voice of the conditioned mind. Let this first voice vent itself without 'buying' into it. Allow yourself to see that no matter what the story is -- it is a conditioned response without reality. If you have reached this point of allowing, then you are ready for the real voice.

3. Having allowed yourself to vent with the knowing that it is just an emotional reaction or intellectual conclusion, now you are ready for the Real Inner Voice of Intuition...

4. Sit still and relax by watching your breath for a minute or two without thinking. Then listen to the sounds around you without judgement until you feel quiet inside. Then feeling tranquil and relaxed ask yourself the question that bothered you. Do not reach for an answer but just sit with the question allowing your intuitive voice to guide. Having done that, smile and get up. Sooner or later you will get an intuitive feeling-knowing what is the 'right' thing to do or a revelation of how it actually IS!

The more you use this discipline, the sooner you awaken your natural inner voice of truth. People will soon start asking you, "How do you know so much?" and you'll say, "Everything I know you also know if you apply yourself. This is the REAL LIFE of the SPIRIT.

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