How to inquire!

Many times at satsangs I have so many questions to ask but fail to know how to phrase my questions. And, when faced with a question I don't know how to explore it and dig deeper into its source to find the Truth of it. Do you know what I mean?

The human life is itself a Living Question. It is called a 'Living Question' because it is forever in us and experienced as a pebble in our shoe which we can feel but can't remove. It is a feeling we are missing something or somehow don't feel good enough.

Believe it or not, every human being suffers from a Living Question until they wake up and find there never was one. A question is a Quest (seeking) and the seeking happens because there is the thought that we are NOT complete.

This sense of incompletion is a subtle feeling of inadequacy or discomfort or nagging lack in our outlook, and yet, it is a deception of the ego believing you are a human rather than BEING playing the human role. You can learn to explore a question by knowing certain facts (facts which are obvious). Here are the facts:

  1. Life is holographic and therefore Oneness...there is no separation;
  2. Time and space do not exist and this is shown in Skyping someone in another far-off country;
  3. There is only here and NOW!

Based on the three above watch the above video and explore four questions with me in this following video satsang:

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