How to release emotional pain!!

I suffer panic attacks, depression and I am often feeling sad for no apparent reason. Can you help me?

There is a conditioned memory in your unconscious that often reminds you of your past judgements of yourself. These beliefs of 'not-being-good-enough' or that 'you-are-missing-something' are subtle feelings that make you believe there is something wrong with you without knowing what it is. This is referred to as unconscious guilt and it could have been from a former lifetime or in your childhood.

Please know that you are NOT alone in this and most people suffer this inner dread. This is released when we get to know who we really are. Below is a simple technique you can start doing until you can actually free yourself from this emotional pain. It requires courage and willingness to do it. Unfortunately, many people do not like releasing their conditioned thinking even if it is miserable. It is your responsibility. Above all know this -- you are NOT a victim of these thoughts and feelings. Your true nature is awareness and not what your mind is producing.

Watch the video-clip below and then follows its suggestions...

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