In 30 years of hypnotherapy

I may seem a little forward but I am a very curious fellow. I would truly appreciate sharing what you have learned in your 30 years of conducting hypnotherapy sessions with hundreds of people one-on-one?

I may have mentioned this before in satsangs -- in the 30 years I have conducted one-on-one sessions (which I now call 'Supersentience.') I have witnessed our oneness. Every person is unique with a different personality, gender, desires, hopes and fears, and yet, behind the outer appearance is the same longing for happiness, peace, love and fulfilment. In other words, every human is seeking, consciously or unconsciously, Self-fulfilment. The trouble starts when we believe we are separate and different in our needs. We all want to awaken spiritually but don't know how to go about it or what it is we really want.

When we finally discover that it is spiritual awakening that we need (and this is already a giant leap in awareness) then we believe two things...

1. We believe that awakening is something we are going to attain instead of seeing how things are.

2. We believe that there is something wrong with us that needs to be overcome or resisted.

Awakening spiritually is realizing this NOW itself beyond our past and future. It is seeing that time and space as we know it only exists in our sensual world. We try to grasp spiritual knowledge through books and teachings alone as if information is going to do it. We fail to see that awakening is seeing what is obvious here and now.

Then, something else happens when we fail to realize NOW as all there is, we start blaming our childhood, our conditioned state, our environment and the world in general. We do not see that how we see the world is our mind-set and viewpoint.

So why do most people go through this process initially? The problem is not our weaknesses or vices that block us but our illusions. We are haunted by the images we have placed instead of Reality. For example, anyone with average intelligence knows that only NOW exists, yet we hang on to the illusion that we are the past.

The self-image we carry with us is so powerful, so overwhelming that we do not even see it. Assagioli, the Founder of Psychosynthesis said, "We spend over 95% of our energy protecting, defending and maintaining our self-image and it is all an image -- imagination." When we ask, "who am I?" in this moment we become dumbfounded and that's as it should be. We are NOT who we think we are at all -- we are this moment itself. You are this NOW and therefore pure being capable of spontaneous existence filled with laughter, innocence, joy, happiness and fulfilment. Yet the thought of being 'spiritual' (spirit) is scary to our ego (past).

This fear of NOW is so common that we would rather believe we are the past and feel guilty for it then be without an individual identity. The word 'spirit' cannot be computed by the mind and so it creates a substitute, which is an image. This image, based on the past, is also known as unconscious guilt filled with self-doubt. And, it can't be any other way because the greatest illusion is the belief that we are the past. Granted that the past happened and it is history, but 'it happened' and it is not NOW (the only Reality we have).

This self-doubt, better known as 'unconscious guilt' is so strong that we keep favoring it over awakening (of course, this is all unconscious). This guilt manifests as the following feeling...

"There is something wrong with me." "I am not good enough as I am." "I am missing something but I don't know what."

This self-doubt (guilt) blocks any ability to see the moment as IT actually IS! It blinds us utterly and even creates emotional and health problems.

This guilt surfaces in various ways...

...and hundreds of others. In other words, we are protecting an image that doesn't exist in order to compensate for an emptiness in the center of our being. This emptiness is the resistance of our spiritual Reality believing that if we can be 'something' we can override our incessant feeling of emptiness.

Emptiness is a natural feeling of anyone who is escaping their spiritual essence. Of course, there is no awareness of this escape and so we are often unhappy or depressed for no apparent reason. All unhappiness is the unconscious need to maintain our illusions and not face our spiritual Reality.

It is not easy for a conditioned ego to accept its spiritual nature as being NOW. It keeps choosing fear, control and past to give itself an identity.

Awakening happens when we are willing to see that emptiness is not utter voidness or an abyss but a fullness of spirit. It is joy, happiness, love and peace derived from the falling away of fear. Fear is the result of the belief in death. If you are the fullness of NOW how can death happen? Can NOW die? Awakening sees clearly that you are not being in the NOW -- you are the NOW itself? Do you see the difference?

How can we awaken this knowing despite our egoic conditioning? There is a way and it is not difficult provided you are willing to 'do' it. The simple solution is called 'Quantum Forgiveness.' This is how it is done... The moment you see yourself getting angry, upset, hurt, offended, defensive, depressed or feeling the need to control or fear loss of control, just forgive it by saying, "There is this low energy and I forgive it."

When you start 'doing' this from 10 to 30 times a day, then something starts to happen. You realize that you are egoically conditioned and see clearly why you have been so miserable and unfulfilled. Once you see this clearly then you are ready for the next recognition -- you start to see that all that forgiveness didn't have a culprit. There was nothing and no one to forgive. It was all an illusion. It is at this point (Quantum Forgiveness) that awakening starts happening.

Most people start to forgive fully when they realize there was no one to forgive. It was all a process of seeing what is real.

What is real? The Reality is that you are this NOW itself and therefore an eternal being. This being, having discarded most of its egoic karma, finds that it hasn't lost anything in its shedding but gained so much more. The personality is the same, the 'person' has not vanished into nothingness and still is intact. There is the seeing that much has been gained especially a sense of intuitive knowing that only LOVE is real. God is LOVE.

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