Is Life a game?

This might seem like a strange question but I have been reading the teachings of many masters who say that life is a game and should be enjoyed. Can you share your feelings on this?

One of my profoundest experiences that happened in the year 2000 convinced me that I am a human being, that is, a Being playing the human role. This realization has not only brought clarity but also the fact that we are all playing a role, a game, wired for a particular function. If we take this role seriously then we suffer. If we enjoy it as a game then life becomes enjoyable.

All emotional suffering is due to one's view of life -- taking life too seriously. There is only one thing that is NOT a game and that's Oneness, wholeness, totality, Christ, God, Allness or simply The Source of it all. In fact, we are the Source playing this game called 'me.' Visualize the great big ocean and then see the waves (unique and individual) frolicking on the surface of it. Yet the waves are the ocean itself playing as various waves.

All human suffering is taking life seriously. For instance, taking our religion to be the only true one and then go about trying to convince others that it is the only way, that's insanity. Some Christians do it. Some Muslims do it. What if they took their religious beliefs as just beliefs and enjoyed it while allowing others the right to enjoy theirs also?

You do what you do and I do what I do because we are wired that way. By seeing it as a role-playing-thing then we are free from egoic preoccupation with it and truly enjoy it. Life is to be enjoyed, celebrated, loved and shared.

With love always, Burt

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