Regarding booklet "The Secret of Knowing."

I am just curious. In your booklet "The Secret of Knowing" which is given in your website, you emphasized reading it all, from start to finish, in one sitting. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why was that necessary?

In order to give you all the facts I have to talk about the two hemispheres of the brain. We have two parts in our brain system that are opposite each other, but necessary for survival. One is the left-brain hemisphere and the other is the right-brain hemisphere. They are attached but have separate functions.

The left-brain is necessary to live in this world of material existence and therefore it is linear motivated by the instinct of survival. Most people are driven by the left-brain. It focuses on details rather than the whole picture. In other words, it doesn't see the forest for the trees. And, it only goes 'out' for answers to questions and lives externally. The left-brain is ego-motivated.

On the other hand, we have a Right-Brain that is egoless. This brain hemisphere sees the whole picture but has no personal agenda and therefore no pre-occupation with survival. It is innocent, open and feels the oneness naturally with all creatures and humans alike. Its nature is love and joy like the child or kitten and puppy. Yet, it has natural wisdom due to the knowing of connectedness.

As you can see from the above, you are a human being. The human is left-brained motivated while the 'Being' is right-brained motivated. To live as a human-being requires both aspects of the brain. But, as you can see, living in this world requires emphasis on the left-brain. This emphasis, unfortunately, blocks our receptivity to our natural state of spirit. After all, Spirit IS the Reality itself.

Due to this emphasis on the Left-brain to live in this world, we acquire doubts, fears, uncertainties and are often seeking and questioning without getting closer to the Truth. The reason the left-brain misses the truth is simply because it tries to find an answer to the question. And, there are no answers to satisfy the left-brain. The 'answer' lies in the right-brain as innocence, openness, vulnerability, wisdom and whole-seeing.

Now, we come to the booklet -- why read it without stopping until the end is reached? First is because a complete focus is needed to remain uninterrupted. Secondly the booklet emphasized right-brain activity throughout, for instance, it emphasized 'knowing' by making it large capital letters thus "KNOWER". This unconsciously brought the whole-seeing brain hemisphere into action when there was no interruption by the left brain's need to conclude, reach answers and so on.

The booklet kept emphasizing, "Do not reach for an answer but understand the question." This is something that the left-brain is NOT ready to do. It wants to know right away and reaches its own conclusions without reflection on the question itself. In other words, the left-brain wants to know that it knows and is impatient; it tries to figure out, to think-about-it and to stick to its belief system. So, by the time the reader reaches half-way through the book it automatically stops with the intention of reading the rest later. This is the trick of the left-brain when it gets tired due to too much thinking.

With the right-brain it is a completely different actually enjoys the booklet, gets inspired and wants to keep on reading. I had sent out several hundred copies of this booklet in PDF and received just three emails telling me of insights, recognitions and realizations after reading the whole thing. It seems that most did not finish the whole thing in one sitting.

I am glad you asked the question because left-brained people always want to know why and nearly always have a ready-made answer (unconscious to their immediate awareness). So, if one didn't finish reading the whole thing it is because the left-brain got tired and found some excuse to finish it later (which, of course, blocked the major premise of the booklet's value.)

The question is, "How do we awaken the Right-Brain while maintaining our left-brain for worldly survival?" Since the Right-brain is whole-seeing and feels the natural connection to all things, it is imperative that one starts LOOKING WITH HEART at such things as trees, clouds, flowers, grass, stars and feel their beauty. There are many ways to activate right-brain...

* Once or twice a day give up the usual ways of doing things. For instance, if you are right-handed, then write with left-hand or draw with it (to upset the logical linear and conditioned left-brain). Be aware of your 'thinking-about-it' (whatever it is) and start looking innocently.

If your brain asks, "But how can I do that?" then see how even in right-brain activity the left-brain intrudes and interrupts. To the Right-Brain there is no 'how' or 'why' but simply what-is right here and now. To the right-brain everything is simple and direct.

When questions arise -- STOP -- look at the question and understand what you are asking and NEVER look for an answer to it. For instance, if the left-brain asks, "Does God exist?" it goes in search for an answer by dwelling on it and trying to figure it out. Activate the right-brain by asking another question, "What do I mean by God?" and then FEEL OUT what YOU mean by that word or what it means to you. Labels are NEVER the thing itself anymore than the map is the territory.

Another way to activate the right-brain is through FEELING (Pure feeling & not emotional). For instance, look at the grass or a tree and write down how you feel in a poetic writing; see its beauty and grandeur. When the left-brain keeps raising questions, write them down and before reaching for any answers, look at the questions and understand what you really mean by them.

Look with innocence and awe, see the wonder of a pregnant woman and the fetus inside that is soon to be a human being. Where does the soul come from to enter that fetus? Then, do not answer it but allow it to remain open until your heart (Right-brain) will give you insights.

All knowledge is within and although the left-brain wants to know that it knows, the right-brain is content to feel its awe and wonder.

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