The transforming power of forgiveness!

From the emails I get there seem to be two problems about forgiveness.

First is the fear of forgiveness because of the ego's need to retaliate or validate one's suffering. Second is the mind's inability to understand how to forgive or what is implied by it.

Before we get into the secret of forgiveness let's see some of the transforming power of it. Forgiveness actually collapses time in our favor so that any karmic consequence due us such as an "accident" or painful experience is bypassed.

Our lifetime script is already determined with its "highs" and "lows" plus "accidents." This script is not set in stone unless the human ignores forgiving then what was determined happens in direct schedule.

To understand this karmic life there has to be the mental grasp of what is called "Unconscious Guilt." This unconscious guilt is a discomfort most people live with believing it is the way life is. They go about life feeling this inner discomfort and try to find either a reason for it or try to get rid of it.

Nothing works because guilt is not something you can put your finger on. It is like having a pebble in your shoe and any attempt to remove it fails since you can't find the pebble. So, you learn to live with it.

What is this unconscious guilt?

It is unconscious because it is deeply set within the psyche. It is known as "guilt" because it carries with it feelings of separation and the need to be important, to be special or to stand out and be noticed. Within its needs lies a feeling of "not being good enough" combined with the subtle feeling that you are missing something or lacking something. At times it even feels as if you are "bad."

These feelings everyone has regardless of station in life and it is unconscious so that it nags you without knowing what it is.

What creates this unconscious guilt? The reason is simple enough. From the time we are three years old we start feeling and believing that we are our name and body and thus, unconsciously, create the feeling we are separate. We have totally forgotten that we are One Being or Oneness itself.

And, it is this very estrangement from this fact that allows the unconscious guilt to make its way into our life. This guilt-feeling carries with it self-consciousness, ego pretension, and the need for love ( power or approval.), the need to be heard, seen, noticed and recognized. This need for egoic recognition comprises the emotional and psychological suffering of humanity.

What is ego?

It is the belief that you are a body and therefore separate from others. Most people live a whole lifetime believing they are this ego and never even question it. Such people can never find true peace and inner security and contentment.

Forgiveness helps us in two ways. two-fold. First it keeps the guilty feeling out of the picture, and while doing so, moves us closer to our true nature. Every forgiveness of discomfort enhances our oneness knowing. Forgiveness cuts through unconscious guilt and its projection of karma like a laser beam.

It penetrates through all of your past lives and even future lives, through the different dimensions of time.

How do we forgive?

First of all, you cannot forgive unless you know that you are NOT an ego. Ego wants to hang on to pain and hates to forgive. In fact, ego will want to retaliate, seek revenge and get even in any way it can. Thus it creates karma of a serious nature in one's life. Ego belief is also written within your life-script. Thus the script contains the tragedies, mishaps, accidents and awful experiences that stem from the belief in ego.

So, one primary ingredient for forgiveness is knowing who you are. It is not difficult if you pay close attention to the following question.

Ask yourself right now, "Do you know yourself?" and then pause for a moment before answering. This pause will give you an opening to LISTEN through your Heart.

Good - now that you have asked it and paused for a moment, what was your answer? Don't read further until you have answered it.

The Heart replies: "You are the knower of your body, senses and mind. You know that you have a body and mind. However, this knower can never be known, because you are it and there is nobody to know it. It can never become an object of observation because it is totality, wholeness, Oneness itself."

This is who you are - the knower! You are NOT the body, senses,r mind nor thoughts and emotions. In fact, these emotions, thoughts (mind) and body appear only because there is "YOU". You are NOT an ego but the knower.

Pause and feel what you have just read because only through this process can you grasp the power and ease of forgiveness. And, forgiveness will take you all the way Home. Every time you forgive your guilt, you move one step closer to your true Home of Oneness.

Oneness is like peeling an onion. You might not notice the depth of the peeling because it looks like the same onion; however within every peel you’ll be moving closer to the center called Home with each peeling (forgiveness).

Understanding cause and effect

How do I forgive? You learn how forgiveness works as you recognize that you are not an Effect of a major Cause (Oneness); You are the Cause itself. It is you, the Cause, that predetermined your life's script. It is You who created the life you live. You cannot be an Effect because then you'd be like a victim.

Since most people feel that they are effects of the Source (Cause) then they play victims in life and bemoan their lot. Through forgiveness, seeing expands and reveals (ever deepening) that you can override the pre-determined script by forgiving (what you normally would not have forgiven) and thus transcend the karmic consequences that might have been due you.

In other words, forgiveness collapses time as we know linear time. Time doesn't exist except in our linear thinking. All physicists agree that past, present and future happen simultaneously because we live in a holographic universe. It is from this understanding that forgiveness becomes a natural process.

If someone maligns us or takes advantage of our position we see that we created that so-called individual in our life script. By forgiving him or her we rise above the consequences of such unforgiveness and thus retain our peace and make the path free from obstruction.

Therefore seeing that this "other" created a "problem" for you, you in turn see no problem only something you created in your life script leading you toward forgiveness. In other words, we learn by forgiving both "others" and ourselves in seeing that there's nothing to forgive.

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