What happens when the body dies?

What happens when the body dies? Is the dream of an individual reconfigured into alternate universes? Or does honestly no one know...even awakened "ones"?

When the body dies we are still just as alive as before but with an astral form rather than a physical one. I was always afraid of death and the subject fascinated me. I started researching the possibility of life after death. I studied psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and an experience led me to hypnotherapy.

In my thirty years of hypnotherapy I discovered that most people's problems started at their birth through transgressions done in a past life. These regressions in past lives through hypnosis opened up a whole new world for me. Cases even of cancer were getting healed. People with panic problems started feeling wonderful.

Let me give you an example, I had a Jew come to see me and he wanted to know why he is being treated so badly by people. All his life he played a victim of people's insults and abuses. Then during a hypnotherapy session he relived a life where he was a gentile abusing Jews. He was so cruel to them that he was born a Jew to re-experience his own abuses on himself.

I also had a young gay guy who was ashamed of being gay being ostracized by his own family. During a regression into a past life he discovered he was a woman in his last life and died being raped. His sudden reincarnation into this life brought him into a male body with female characteristics. After our third session he was completed healed from his shame and now he is a successful designer. These are not isolated cases.

So, to answer your question on death -- there is absolutely no death except our fear of losing our body believing that the body is who we are. This is why most people need to wake up spiritually. There is no death my friend but eternal life. The truth is the Eternal NOW that only changes in form but not in essence. NOW is always NOW beyond time.

You wrote and misquoted me...

It has been seen or understood that there really is no defecative person within my body, but, rather it is just thoughts that come and go. I have heard you say in your Videos your true essence is what you are aware of.

Yes, it is true that there are thoughts that come and go but you are pure awareness. Your true essence is NOT what you are aware-of. Your true essence is pure awareness. Please review my video and really listen...

So, to repeat, your true nature is Pure Awareness, which is timeless and always NOW beyond life and death. It is what you are aware-of that lives and dies, comes and goes and creates the world we experience. When the body drops as in 'death' then we are still fully aware just as much as before BUT what we are aware-of changes.

What never changes is Pure Awareness. If you watch the clip a few times with great attention you can get quite an insight. Please know the difference between AWARENESS and THOUGHT. Awareness is undying and eternal essence. Thought is what you are aware-of and always changes, shifts and alters.

You asked...

If the universe is in me. I have no locality in time and space. That's fine, then how come this non-local awareness is only aware of the thoughts in this body called Mike at this present moment? Are we just "holes" for awareness to peak through?

There is only one 'I' often referred to as 'me.' However, initially when there is no spiritual awakening, we take this 'I' to be personal and local and also as the body. When we start seeing that our awareness has no boundary except through thought, then we start realizing that 'others' have the same essence as you. In fact, you are a human being. There are 6 billion humans on this earth but only One Being.

Each human says, "I am John or Mary" but in Reality there is only one 'I' known as God or LOVE (true pure awareness known as love). Spiritual awakening happens when we realize that this 'I' which we had taken to be 'me' is the true 'I' in its expanded state beyond the body. What I am giving you are words and cannot explain the inexplicable, however, as your heart opens you will begin to see what is obvious here and now.

With love always, Burt

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