What is this fuss about 'NOW'!?

You talk about the 'Now' as if it was something exciting. I find it flat. Surely there must be something more than 'now'!?

You say that 'now' is not exciting and it leaves you flat! This is like saying that surfing on a huge wave is flat. Did you know that our senses take in less than one billionth of the stimuli available to us? When we say that 'now' is flat, we are merely projecting our mental viewpoint that has become stifled by the lower forms of thoughts and has created the opposite of what is real. We have actually created an individual reality, which is a total illusion, and blinded us to what is truly around us.

This 'now' that we take for granted is filled with enough spiritual stimuli to awaken you many times over. Let us start with the power of mind that created this world (of which we use only about 5%). What we call mind is a vast field of intelligence that extends far beyond the reaches of the cosmos. We make 'our mind' as the localized form in our head when in truth it is non-local and can't be confined to one location. This 'mind' is triggered and guided by an even greater intelligence known as the witness or pure awareness. This awareness is known as Presence.

You say that 'now' leaves you flat and that there must be something more than 'now.' Take a moment right now and really look if anything can happen outside of now? This 'now' that you call flat is eternal, never-ending and what's more, it never begun! The realization of NOW boggles the mind because it will help us recognize that time and space are relative terms for the limited daily mind to survive.

If you can, in total honesty, examine and inquire into this 'now' that you believe is flat, you'll be met with endless wonders and miracles that you had missed. Just think of it -- there is nothing else but NOW!! The material world we take to be so real and solid is just a play of our senses but in reality it is but an appearance of this NOW-cosmic energy.

One moment's realization of this power of now is enough to help you rise above all psychological fears such as fear of death, old age or terminal illness. It will help you see that what you thought was limited and mundane is a whole new world of glory far beyond our imagination.

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