Why so many people 'get it' but I still feel I didn't?

You have sent out several hundred booklets on 'seeing the obvious truth' and the response was that many experienced shifts in consciousness through it. I read it but it didn't bring any shifts. Why is that, am I different?

You are not different than most, in fact, most people miss the obvious truth. What is meant by the 'obvious truth' is that it is closer than our own breath. Most people are blind to what is in front of them. The reason for this 'blindness' is four-fold.

First reason is our religious upbringing. When we are subjected from a very young age with certain dogma and beliefs, these go into our subconscious and start to dictate how we see life. Our viewpoint becomes so narrow that we couldn't see past it. For example, I was brought up in a religion that instilled in me the belief in sin, lasting punishment in hell if I died in mortal sin, belief in the devil, separation from other religions plus the unworthiness of our soul. This brought guilt and shame. Later, after conducting hypnotherapy for several years I became immensely aware how this dogma created most of the emotional dysfunction in my clients. Religious upbringing creates separation due to diverse beliefs and destroys any possibility of realizing our Oneness of Being.

Second, An unconscious fear of facing life without ego control. We find it extremely hard to see how ego has no control over our life at all. Then our unconscious becomes afraid of having to give up control believing that we had control. True control is in Being but it is too subtle and vague for the mind to even look at it.

Third, the need for escape is extremely compelling and so keep putting off from looking at what is obvious. We will do anything to escape from facing our reality. We keep putting off from looking at what is here and now just as it actually is. We can't handle it despite its simplicity even though it will give us freedom, love and joy in living. We'll automatically come up with excuses NOT to look at what is real here and now.

Fourth, we live in a world of emphasized left-brain activity. Life gave us two different hemispheres with totally opposite functions. The left side dealt with survival, linear thinking and material consciousness. The right side dealt with imagination, visualization and musical appreciation. When we integrated both then our life became balanced. When we ask ourselves a question like, "Who am I?" the left brain would immediately jump to memory details such as, "I am John and I am a businessman..." and it fails to see that here-now has nothing to do with name and form but just the moment itself. Faced with the moment itself, our mind scrambles for something to hold onto rather than face our pure aware state.

Now the question arises, "If I have all the above isn't there a chance to see what is obvious and awaken spiritually?" The reply is a very positive 'yes.' We were never meant to be victims of our conditioning unless we allowed it. Through insight into our conditioned mind and the courage to SEE what-is at the moment can bring inner freedom right here and now.

Next question is, "What are the obvious facts that will awaken our consciousness?"

They are three facts and are as obvious as the nose in your head if we look with sincerity and open-heartedness despite our conditioning. These three will answer every question and problem in life and will bring inner freedom and peace. They are:

1. You know you exist. This knowing is not a memory but the awareness recognizing itself. Our pure awareness is 'knowing' of the truth.

2. You exist, and you only exist NOW! This is a big one (you can request an article based on it). This alone will answer every question on relationships, life, work, sex, ageing, death and so forth. The realization of this obvious fact is unlimited in its scope.

3. You don't know who you are when you ask, "Who am I?" This alone should you convince you that you are not an ego. How can you have an ego when you don't know who you are?

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