You emphasize the importance of forgiveness, but isn't that duality?

Someone asked me over e-mail:

You emphasize the power of forgiveness, but who are we asking forgiveness from?

When we recognize our true nature as Oneness then we see that there is only BEING. This Being is all there is. Ultimately there is no you or me but Oneness appearing as you and me. If you have understood that far then the rest is easy and simple to comprehend.

Our 'job' on earth is to go Home to our Oneness (which in truth we never left). However, since we believe we are separate human beings because we miss recognizing Spirit as Allness, then whenever we transgress through ego identification (separation) then we ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness means 'fore-giveness' or giving forth into Spirit.

When we get 'caught in selfishness, fear, loneliness, anxiety or even doubt, or any self-absorption (any form of unhappiness), then we 'forgive-it' into its Emptiness (Spirit, Oneness, Love). In fact, through this incessant forgiving of our egoic thinking, we keep emptying ourselves until there is no one and nothing left to forgive and we have 'attained' our true Home.

Picture the following: there is the one ocean and you appear as a wave on its surface. Being a wave you forget you are the ocean and so start fearing that you will drown into the vast ocean and disappear. This fear exists only out of ignorance because you have forgotten that you are the same water as the ocean - in fact, the ocean itself.

This forgetting brings fear, isolation, loneliness, deprivation, separation and all known suffering. So what can you do? You can start by allowing yourself to see that there is only the One Ocean. Whenever fear arises then you forgive it by fore-giving it into the ocean itself leaving yourself empty of it.

This emptying or 'fore-giving' will eventually make you recognize that all you are is simply awareness (empty of form). In this realization alone can you recognize you have always been pure awareness (the vast ocean).

Eventually, when the ego has died because there is no longer any feeling of separation (fear) then forgiveness is redundant. You didn't ask for forgiveness from anyone, you simply forgave the ego that thought it was something real and separate.

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